5 Health Benefits of Martial Arts for Adults

Jan 7, 2022Adult's0 comments

1. Great Way to Slim Down and Control Weight
What is the Number #1 Reason why overweight people give up on the exercise regimes they commit to so determinedly every year? It’s that they don’t see results. It comes from sticking to only one type of workout and neglecting aspects of the body that are causing the weight-gain / retention. Your body needs both cardio workouts and resistance workouts. Martial Arts, with its wide variety of moves and disciplines, provides both.

2. Burns Kilojoules and Pushes Boundaries
A steady hour of Martial Arts burns approximately 3,200 kilojoules, making it one of the top ranking activities in kilo-burning exercises. It brings out all the things we’re supposed to get from a challenging workout routine: heart rate increase, perspiration, deep breathing, etc. However, many adult students agree that it’s way easier to grind through the beginners’ difficulties with exercise when one is in a positive environment with a philosophy behind it, like in a Martial Arts gym, than alone.

3. Perhaps the Best Cardiovascular Workout You Could Wish For
Studies have shown that certain Martial Arts forms, such as kickboxing, may be among the fastest resulting cardiovascular workouts in existence. Martial Arts exercises demand a lot of movement from your entire body, not just a part of it. This requires increased oxygen flow throughout the torso and extremities, getting your heart pumping hard within minutes and optimizing the time you’ve set aside for your workout.

4. Tones Muscles Throughout the Body
Exercise that fails to target the entire physique usually leads to concentrated areas of unwanted fat that are “impossible” to get rid of, even if one is otherwise fit and healthy. Martial Arts provide a full body workout, involving both the torso and arms and legs. Only full body workouts can get long-lasting toned results and deliver that overall lean, athletic appearance. You’ll both look and feel amazing.

5. Flexibility and Coordination
Being flexible now is something you’re be grateful for in a few years’ time. When your friends are starting to complain of stiff joints, you’ll still be enjoying supple muscles and smooth coordination. Why? Because flexibility isn’t something that’s connected to age; it’s something that you work on with exercise. With our modern sedentary, desktop-to-sofa lifestyle, it’s important to do exercise that keeps your limbs feeling in their prime.

What Makes Evolution Gym a Great Place to Work Out?

Our 5 instructors are trained professionals both in martial arts and in sports and fitness education.
Evolution Gym provides you with a welcoming, candid atmosphere where beginners and advanced students alike are urged to achieve their fullest potential.

Embracing the discipline and philosophy behind the traditional Martial Arts, we focus on commitment to goals and to each other, dedication to self-mastery, respect, and achievement. It’s a lot more than just working out. It’s about changing your life in a more positive direction for good.

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