Martial Arts – 500 Years of Camaraderie, Identity, and Discipline.

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If you’re like a lot of teens, you’re seeking identity, belonging, and meaning to life.

You may think of martial arts as a lot of kicking and people-throwing that happens in (violent) movies, not something that dictates a life of meaning, purpose, and achievement. Wrong.

Actually, the martial arts date back to Asian disciplines from 500-years-ago, are connected with:


Self-discipline and self-control


Respect for self and society


Tradition, honour, and peace


Defending one’s self and others to maintain peace


Focus and determination

When you study a martial art, you’re committing yourself to a 500-year-old tradition. You’re finding yourself; you’re learning what life means for you and others, and you’re getting the skills to deal with it. What you acquire in martial arts goes far beyond kicking in self-defence. It’s a way of thinking and living.

What Martial Arts Will Give Physically

One aspect of martial arts is a sport and an exercise.
The mind and body are closely linked, making you one whole person, not two different parts. Martial arts strengthen the body. As you’ve probably found out by experience, your mind always feels much clearer after you’ve exercised your body. Being fit is an important requisite to achieving a successful life.


    • Martial arts provide a full body workout, from the core to the arm and leg muscles.
    • It’s one of the most comprehensive and complete exercise forms you can come by.
    • Martial arts enhance flexibility and strength in the muscles.
    • It provides you with a means to self-defence.
      It isn’t for people who don’t want to sweat!
    • Martial arts demand from you a sportsperson’s determination, and give you a sporty body in return.

What Martial Arts Will Give to Your Mind

Martial arts are based on a philosophy of peace. In order to maintain peace, a person must be able to defend him or herself and other members of society.

Martial arts come with a way of thinking and seeing the world. You learn your place in society, your duty to honour, defend, and be your best. Self-discipline becomes a part of your lifestyle. With self-discipline comes patience with yourself and others, the ability to stay calm under stress, and to use logical thinking under pressure.

You’ll also learn focus, concentration, goal setting, and willpower. These are things that will bring you success throughout your life.

“Me, logical? Focussed? Calm under stress? I can’t do that!”

Don’t worry if you’re not all those things right now! When you take martial arts lessons, you’re under training. With time and practice, you’ll gain the mental skills you need, just as your body will gain the physical skills.

Many martial art instructors can tell you that martial arts basically changed their lives, and they’ve seen it change the lives of their students too.

    • Martial arts give you a philosophy and a meaning to life.
    • It gives you a place in society.
    • Training will teach you to think with calmness and logic.
    • You will learn how to stay patient, determined, and resolute under stress.
    • Your mind will be trained to concentrate and stay focussed.
    • You will learn self-discipline, respect, and an honour code.

At Evolution Gym, we have expert martial artists who specialize in working with youth.
Also, you won’t be in the same classes as the kids; we split the classes by age group, so you’ll be with your peers.
The atmosphere is based on the philosophies of the martial arts.

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