How Martial Arts Can Help Stop School Bullying

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How Martial Arts Can Help Stop School Bullying

Learning that your child is being bullied at school is one of the most painful things a parent can experience. Naturally, after the first upset and possibly even anger, your first thought will be: this has got to stop!

Many parents turn to martial arts classes for their children. These are some of the reasons why:

Teaching Your Child to Fight Back in Self-Defence is Healthy – Not Aggressive

If your child is being physically bullied, often the only way he or she can put a stop to it is by teaching the bully that it’s not acceptable – by fighting back. Usually, it only takes one time, and the bully will back off. Then again, bullies usually target persons they perceive as weak and defenceless.

But you don’t want the other child to get seriously injured. Nor do you want to instil a “revenge” mentality in your child. That is why martial arts is one of the best possible ways for your child to fight back.

Martial arts are based on a non-violence, peaceful philosophy, which receives just as much training as the actual kicking and punching. It holds the idea that one must be capable of defending one’s self in order to maintain peace, but discourages initiating fights and teaches respect for one’s opponent. It trains your child in self-discipline and objective thinking, so that lashing out in revenge is actually the last thing your child will conceive of.

Moreover, a martial artist is trained in self-control of the bodily movements too. Your child will learn how to floor the bully without actually causing injury. And as we already said, as soon as the bully figures out that your child is no longer defenceless, he or she will probably back off for good.

Self-Defence is an Attitude More Than a Set of Skills

That’s right: self-defence is an attitude. It’s an aura of self-confidence, self-assurance, and inner strength, that basically tells any bully to stay miles away. It’s a message of: “Don’t mess with me. I know how to look after myself, and I’m not hesitant to do it.”
Martial arts training instils that attitude in children in several ways.
First of all, the child is given a set of goals: of moves to learn, belts to attain, etc. The self-confidence that comes with the reaching of goals is enormous. Especially for children, who may be too young to feel they’ve accomplished something in life yet, the knowledge that they can succeed means a great deal.
Secondly, knowing that they’re not left figuring it out on their own gives them self-confidence. They have you, their instructors, their class, their training, and centuries of tradition and philosophy behind them. Their sense of belonging to something greater than themselves is a huge grounding foundation for them. They have something to draw their inner strength and courage from.

Why Evolution Gym?

    • Experience working with kids from age 6 upward
    • Passionate about passing on the martial arts to the next generation and teaching kids to achieve something and feel good about themselves
    • Child-level orientated instruction; individualized attention
    • Small class sizes and age-grouped classes
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